Don’t buy her chocolates or flowers this Valentine’s Day!


Trust me, women like flowers and chocolates but they would much rather you spend the same amount of money on a gift that will last longer than a few bites and a few days. Remember, chocolates are extra calories which in turn, leads to extra pounds that your lady would probably hate later on. Fresh flowers only last for a few days and then die a horrific messy death. This year, let’s get her something that will last as well as bring lots of joy and memories! Here are the top 5 gifts this year, that any women would love and appreciate:
  1. Forever Roses
 These are roses that will last an entire year, all the way up to next Valentine’s Day! They are real roses that are treated so they stay fresh for 365 days or more! They require no water, no sun, and no maintenance! They also come in a beautiful box. Trust me, she‘ll love them! Check out for different options.
  1. Love Book
Instead of getting her a card this year, get her a personalized love book that will contain all the reasons you love her. It’s an excellent way to show someone how much you appreciate them, by including all the detailed memories you can remember. She'll love this unique gift and showcase it for a long time. The book is very easy to create as well.
  1. Initial necklace
Get her a personalized necklace with you and your love's initials. It’s very trendy right now and very personal. has so many different styles to choose from.
  1. Perfume
Don’t know which perfume she'll like? Not a problem. Get her this set from Sephora that lets her sample 13 different perfumes. She'll then pick a favorite, and take their included scented certificate to a local Sephora, to exchange it for a full sized version of her favorite choice at no additional cost! 

  1. Spa gift certificate 
Pick up a gift card at a local spa for a massage, facial, or a simple mani-pedi. Trust me she'll appreciate it and will definitely use it. Find out where she usually goes and get a gift card to that location. If you're not sure where to go, you can purchase spa finder's gift card that’s accepted in 25,000 spas worldwide. Their e-gift card will get delivered in seconds! Oh yea, their gift cards never expire!